Kaczrowski loves George Winston as a pianist

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The talented pianist shares his love of music by playing in RuneScape Gold the Alexandria Jaycees Jingle Bells concert over the last three years, and also playing piano at Knute Nelson, Nelson Gables in Alexandria. Kaczrowski is a mentor at Camp Courage North, near Bemidji for children with Asperger's.

He has also given talks at conferences for teachers to help educators understand how to better work with students with autism. Kaczrowski stated that it is important to reduce the person's input. "They suffer from a lack of expression. They won't tell you how they feel because they're also processing. What are they doing to get it out?"

Kaczrowski who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, confesses that he wears an appearance to blend in with society. But his inner voice is telling him to get up and go and be excited. He is constantly experiencing conflicting emotions.

Kaczrowski loves George Winston as a pianist. The first song he played during Jingle Bells, Winston's Thanksgiving was a signal of how Asperger's sufferer feels today. Kaczrowski expressed his satisfaction of the progress he's made. "I have overcome difficulties but there are still many hurdles."

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