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Looking ahead, RuneScape is growing more quickly than ever before in terms of RuneScape gold innovative and compelling content, as well as the number of members. The Runespan was launched last Monday. This significant graphical performance upgrade has already made a significant impact on the game frame rate of a portion of the players. We are now gearing up for the most exciting content year... which includes a major overhaul of the combat system.

We'll be sharing more information about this topic in the very near future. Be sure to check this website regularly. We thank you for reading and hope you have lots of fun. Sal's Realm Clan Citadel. Welcome to our clan citadel! This topic contains information on the current inventory of resources as well as our objectives, and our past and present construction projects. The weekly poll gives you, as members of the community, an opportunity to decide what the citadel should look like! Feel free to post comments, suggestions, and, of course, photos of your clanmates' antics in the private meeting rooms.

Do not forget to upload a picture of your weekly resource contributions. The build time is 10 am GMT Tuesday. The poll. You can select the day that your build tick is performed on (instead of Tuesdays). It occurred to me that tier 7 was the ideal time to make a change to the build tick. This is what I'm thinking:

Some people may find a build on a weekend tick to be convenient. This means that those who have to cap their build last minute have a Friday/Saturday and those who want to cap first will have a similar opening. People who fall somewhere in the middle (like myself) can do it whenever they want. This would be what it would take to move the tick.

The cost of moving it is a weekly expense. No upgrades are made. The next time that day (the one you're moving the tick) comes around after a week it will be back like normal, with the new day. This is a huge decision that will affect all. Everyone should have a say. I put up a series of poll questions to see the general feeling about it, and from there devise a course of action with buy old school runescape gold the staff/community/people.