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It's a gorgeous city. I was of RuneScape gold the opinion that its fame was overblown, but I understand why people love it. I've always been a fan of cities that are dark, such as Edgeville, Draynor, The Wilderness and Canifis, therefore it's unusual for me to love a place that is so clean, civilized and "happy looking".

As everyone is aware, the most important part of Prifddinas and the Elven society is the clan system. There are eight distinct clans, each with its own areas of the city. Which clan(s) do you guys prefer, and why? And clan leaders while we're there, as you can admire a leader but not be interested in his or her clan.

I have always been a fan of the character of Iorwerth. I believe this is because, prior to the final quests of the Elven quest line, the Dark Lord was always considered to be Zamorak. I do not know if this is true, but I think certain NPCs refer to the Iorwerth in some way as Zamorakians who revolted against the crystal goddess-led Elven society. I feel for Lord Iorwerth's Elfs due to this.

Now after the end of the civil war,, the clan is under a new leader and they're striving to be accepted as part of the elves' society following the troubles they created, and want to be considered useful and prove their worth. It's hard not to love them, especially since they're a bellicose clan that suits me well. Also, they have a great clan crest.

I also enjoy the clan Cadarn which is the second major civil war clan. Most likely because they're a bellicose clan too and exactly the opposite of Iorwerth. They are more focused on stealth and magic rather than brute force like the Iorwerth. It's a clan that is focused on two of cheap OSRS gold my most preferred skills, which is always an advantage. I don't like the Crest, however.