We know it's going to be some type of combination

We know it's going to be some type of combination


In my view, EA has really lost the plot with this SBC. Navas is very brief for the situation and his stats do not really compensate for FIFA Mobile Coins this. That comes doubly so once you realize just how many amazing options La Liga already has at the position. I truly do not know why you would finish this at this price point. They are asking around 150,000 coins for a participant that's readily replaced. I would steer clear. But if you must get himsee below for alternative inspiration.

Instead of doing so, take some time to do your daily SBC challenge and this week's Marquee Matchups. FUT Freeze has gradually gone down because that great Marquinhos SBC on day one. Hopefullythey can turn it back with whatever they fall tomorrow.

We know it's going to be some type of combination between Freeze and RTTF, however they could have something up their sleeve. Fingers crossed for some superior content.

The first group of the Week of 2021 is approaching, and we can't wait!It is just hours now until the very first group of the Week (TOTW) group of 2021, however, that can we see discharged into packs?Keep current with the latest TOTW 15 news here.TOTW 15 is due for release on Wednesday, 6 January at its regular time of 6pm GMT.Like always, the squad of in-form cards will be available in packs for a single week, alongside the recent Headliners promo gamers.

The prior Reds striker may have become the match-winner, however there were lots of defensive displays worthy of TOTW choice for buy FUT Coins Southampton.If Arsenal's Kieran Tierney doesn't make the team, then teammate Alexandre Lacazette could be included because of his double against West Brom.Jadon Sancho's teammate Manuel Akanji is also in contention following a target and clean sheet in the weekend.